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Career Options for Commerce Students after CBSE Class 12th Results 2018

Career Options for Commerce Students after CBSE Class 12th Results 2018: Every commerce student must be thinking what career to opt and since most of the students would be without maths they will be worried what career options they are having with them.
This post will be divided into 2 sections. The first section for students without maths and students with maths and the other section will focus on students with maths.

CBSE Results 2018

Reasons for commerce without maths:

There are many reasons students don't take maths with commerce after class 10th. Some students just don't like maths. They take a relief breath after 10th thinking that at least now they can get rid of maths forever. Some are interested in careers which don't require maths such as management, law or accounting field etc. Some are not able to get it due to their bad performance in previous classes. Whatever the reason taking commerce with maths or commerce without maths is mostly a decision taken by a person himself. 

Now let's come to the first section which shows careers for students having maths as well as who don't have maths:

1. Chartered Accountant (C.A.)
Almost every commerce student is asked if he will end up becoming a Chartered Accountant i.e. CA after class 12th examination or not. A CA is a professional person responsible for the financial efficiency of the company he's been working for, takes a financial decision, makes taxation strategies, audits and manages the accounts of clients.

2. Company Secretary (C.S.)
Company Secretary i.e. CS is also a very famous course among commerce students. A CS acts as a link between the company and other parties concerned with the business. CS is a top-level professional of a company and enjoys quite a lot power in his hands. 

3. Banking sector
The banking sector has plenty of lucrative job opportunities available for the commerce students irrespective of maths with them or not. We can say it is the core commerce field. A student with commerce background can opt for the following jobs in this sector.
  • Probationary Officer (PO)
  • Bank Clerk
  • Single Window Operator
  • Head Cashier
  • Special Assistant
4. Lawyer
Commerce students who have interest in becoming a layer can easily opt for this career. The Bar Council of India (BCI) is the main regulatory body of Law Education. Law courses available to students after 12 class are B.A. LL.B., LL.B., BBA LLB, B.Com LL.B. This course can be followed by 1 or 2 years long Master of Laws (LL.M.) and Doctorate (Ph.D.).

Admission Criteria 
To get admission in law, students have to appear in CLAT (Common Law Admission Test).This test is conducted to get admission to National Law Universities and institutions.

5. Journalist
Do you dream to enter the world of media, well, for this profession too maths is not required?  If you have interest in interviewing people, writing and knows how to spice up even the dullest thing so that people find it interesting to hear, then you are my friend already have a lot of skills required for this job. This is one of the most glamorous professions of all time.

6. Cost and Work Accountant
Work Accountant is also an advanced level profession like CA and CS for the commerce students. This profession deals with budget making, cost management, and performance evaluation of a company or an organization.

7.Interior Designer
Though being an interior designer is not a profession commerce field but students who have some interest in this job, designing and knows how to utilize space and increase the functionality of things can opt for this career happily. Interior designing is also a trending profession nowadays.

A commerce student who is fond of teaching can also become a teacher. Teaching is one of the noble professions in the world. To become a teacher a student can do any diploma course in teaching like B.Ed.

Though it requires calculation work, those are easy calculations and can be done with a pocket calculator easily or for some maybe orally. A statistician is a person who prepares trustworthy data, analyzes the meaning of data, and determines the usage of data. A statistician can build a career in the fields of:
  • Marketing
  • Healthcare
  • Environment
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Economics
10. Stock Broker
A stockbroker is a person who buys and sells stocks in the stock market. They manage their client's investments in stocks, bonds, and derivatives and also advises them about market fluctuations. Their clients include individuals investors, small and large organizations or huge companies.

Career Opportunities in Stockbroking
A stockbroker can either work with any financial institution like brokerage firms, insurance companies, banks, investment banks etc. or can work as an independent.

Now let's move to our second section which is exclusively for students with maths.

If you have skills, have a good education there will be no difference in the real-world situation in the field of commerce. But the thing is that if there are two candidates for the same job then the candidate who had studied maths will be given more preference. The main difference comes when we go to college. There are certain courses which require maths as compulsory like BBA and BMS. It's not like that person with maths is better suited for every job, a non-maths person can be better than a person with maths but is generally assumed that if a commerce person has maths then he/she will be smarter and more efficient in the calculation and analytical work which is in most cases is true.

Final Words: 

Maths or no maths doesn't matter in real life. It matters while choosing a course in college or if you are in an interview else you will merely feel any difference. The thing is to make sure you have interest in the whichever course you plan to join in the college or no matters whether it is a professional course like Chartered Accountant (C.A.) or Company Secretary (C.S.). Best of luck for your future and be wise while choosing the course. Check your CBSE Results 2018 right here.


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