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4 Problems That Class 12th Students will face due to Economics Re-Test

4 Problems That Class 12th Students will face due to Economics Re-Test: After the big bomb dropped by CBSE to the Class 12th students are just checking out their past history what kind of sins that they committed in past for which they are suffering this kind of pressure that after the end of the paper of Session 2018-19, still, the parents of the students are scolding them to just start revising and be ready for the re-test no matters how brilliant your paper was.

Now well after all this, Supreme Court declined and dismisses the petition filed to challenge the decision of CBSE regarding reconduct of the exams of Class 12th. We all are now aware that Class 12th have to give the re-test examination at any cost, we don't have any of the choices so please check the best Study Material which we are having for them on our site. Besides that, we are now having some of the problems which you might face due to this decision of CBSE regarding re-test of Economics Paper. So here we are:

1. Delay of CBSE Results

CBSE Results
Due to the leak of examination papers of Class 12th of Economics, CBSE is now taking a re-test for the same by just canceling all the papers given by students of Economics on 26th March 2018. Well now due to this extension there may be a delay in the results date due to the same because it will be taking more time to retake the exams and then just start their checking simultaneously and then upload the result of the same. So here was why there may be a delay in CBSE Results because I don't think CBSE is smart enough to just get the answer sheets checked by as soon as the general results date, and hence we can not expect anything from CBSE going and taking bold steps onto it.

2. Hike in Delhi University Cutoff

CBSE Results
As I heard from many students that they were having the examination papers of every subject whether it is Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Accountancy, Business Studies, including Economics. But the reason why CBSE is just conducting the re-test of Economics is that CBSE just does not want the students to lose their hopes from them in the near future. Moreover, there was a bold proof of the Economics examination paper leaked which was covered by one of the newspaper. As everyone is aware of the leak of the papers Delhi University Cut-off list which was set too high and now, in my opinion, it will be unachievable. For eg., if last year cut-off for any particular college was 95% for General Category then for this year it will be surely raising up to 97% very easily.

3. Distraction in the NDA Exams

CBSE Results 2018
After Class 12th exams are over many students try to give National Defence Academy (NDA) exams which also plays an important role in the life of thousands of students moreover many of them are dependent upon it only. NDA Exams are scheduled twice in a year and for this year it was scheduled on 22nd April 2018 and the second one the month of September. So the students appearing in the Economics exam and in NDA exam as well will get a lot of distraction while preparing for the exams.

4. Strict Checking of Papers

CBSE Results 2018
As all of us are very much aware of the fact that the answer sheets of the students appeared in the board exams were checked from different teachers from the different part of the India where the checking was very lenient. But this time it does not seems that this will happen anymore. CBSE will give strict instructions to all the teachers for checking of answer sheets strictly which will also have an effect on the marks of the students and will ultimately affect the CBSE Results 2018.

Final Words

So these were few problems which I felt will have an impact on the students. If I am missing something then make sure you drop them in the comments. I don't support the decision of CBSE but suggest you all look at it as an opportunity to just score more than what you were about in the previous paper but your efforts rather than using unfair means. You guys can check you CBSE Results on our site when they will out make sure you bookmark our site to use it when CBSE site crashes with loads of viewers. We will be there showing you your exact CBSE Results 2018 of Class 12th and Class 10th. Share the article if you liked it.


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